I share my growth and my happiness


Time old man slowly moving his footsteps, step by step, I am also growing, step by step, from an ignorant little girl to grow into a graceful young girl.   I have learned a lot from growing up. What impressed me most is that GROWING up has taught me to respect others.   It also makes me happy.   When I was a child, I was very willful, everything is self-centered, never respect other people's feelings, everything to achieve their own purpose, everyone should listen to me, otherwise I would cry, so my parents had to obey me.   I've never been respectful.   But there was one time that changed my perspective and taught me to respect others.   At the age of six, I went to the first grade of primary school, I rely on the previous step into the school gate, parents are not assured, but there is no way, had to exhort.   I was still oblivious to everything, oblivious to it.   Unexpectedly, I learned the hard way the day before yesterday.   The children in the school are all unknown, I am very strange to the school, but also very curious.   In the preceding class, the teacher asked us to introduce ourselves one by one.   In the middle of my previous friend's speech, I looked at him and I wanted to laugh, and his native dialect made me laugh.