The history of clothing customization


Since the beginning of the history of tailoring, clothing is tailored to the individual, and then customized by tailors according to the size, different people have different practices, so, generally speaking, each piece is personalized. However, since the emergence of the term "ready-to-wear" in the middle of the last century, tailors have gradually faded out of the stage of clothing production. Although they have not disappeared, their proportion in clothing has been greatly reduced. But now, clothing tailor-made began to appear in the city again, and re-occupy an important position, different from before, now he mainly serves the urban white-collar, the urban new rich, pay attention to taste and personality characters, these people have money, leisure, ability, but also have status. Clothing customization has been as a way to improve their own image, but also become a Peugeot to distinguish others. As a fashion for the newly rich. As long as you make a phone call, a professional tailor will arrive, he will be their clients and body design, dress advice, the establishment of personal measurement body information database, at the same time every several times will be body data correction, according to the season, the occasion to provide customized clothing services.